In going through the editing process, part of it is making sure my characters maintain their particular habits such as Silver toying with his braid. It’s something he does and doesn’t necessarily realize he’s doing it.

And then I start to laugh at one of my own: having my sunglasses on my head whenever I’m out. Either on my face or up on top of my head. I just grab them with my keys on my way out the door and don’t really ever think anything of it.

Until now of course.

What are some habits you have? Or habits of characters you like?

Fun side projects

A friend of mine posted in our local NaNo Facebook page a while ago about a letter writing challenge from another group. Now, I think the original challenge was to write a letter to someone every day in February. She proposed to use it as a writing challenge and write letters between characters (just with the individual, not trading to another writer).

My thought started out as a single character writing letters he would never deliver. Which then somehow warped into journal entries/letters after being reminded we were in February and this was happening. I finally managed to get caught up.

So I’m giving it a go of writing Silver’s journal. The project is becoming more involved than I initially figured, but it’ll be fun all the same. A few times he’s turned it into a letter format partway through and I like how it’s working out so far. For now I’m going to just play around since my main focus is getting Shattered Illusions finished. I’ll still aim for an entry a day for him for the month.

Busy time #IWSG

Oh gosh, I feel a little guilty taking time away from all the things I need to do to write this post. But first, some fun news: Rediscovered Books in downtown Boise is now carrying copies of Twisted Magics. I’m so thrilled to be working with them. I’ll also be doing an event there on March 4th from 11-1 so if you happen to be in the area, come on down and say hi!

I’ve still got some work to do for them before the event. I swear I’m trying! On top of that I’m working on the final edits for Shattered Illusions and gearing up for the run to put it all together and get it out. Still aiming for an early summer release.

Then there’s all the other normal stuff, but no one wants to hear about that. ūüėĄ

This month’s IWSG question is a little ironic given that it has been something I’ve been thinking about over the last month or so:¬†How has being a writer changed your experience as a reader?

I kind of have 2 modes: writing and editing. If I’m in editing mode, I’m being hyper-critical and I generally try not to read for fun (at least nothing large) because I’ll be picking it apart instead of enjoying the ride.

I think I also posted about this semi-recently in that I’ve found a difference in my beta readers. Some are just readers and tend to have different views on things than the people who I have who are say part of critique groups. Sometimes it’s polar opposites and it makes me wonder if I still get hung up anyway on things even outside of editing mode. It also makes me confused as to who to listen to.

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Normal routine?

Between the holidays, illnesses, and more snow days than I can shake a stick at (because I’m not going out in that just to get a stick), getting back to a normal routine has been…challenging. It still hasn’t happened actually.

Which makes trying to add in new things to the routine difficult and puts me a little behind schedule. At least to my liking anyway. I’ve also been horrible about commenting on people’s blogs lately, though I’ve managed to read the posts. Forewarning, I might be going through a bunch of stuff and commenting soon. I might call some of them a wash on trying to comment on this far out.

In other news,¬†I’ve found something interesting in responses from my beta readers so far: my reader group and my critique group have very different views on the same things. It leaves me scratching my head on what to do. I’m aiming for release of Shattered Illusions for this summer, but I’m reluctant to announce¬†the date I have in mind right now. I’m working on a couple of different things at the moment regarding the books and I’ll share as soon as I have solid information. But… *squeee*

And then there were three #IWSG

Hope no one minds that I’m passing¬†on this month’s question and just doing my own thing.

Book 3 is alpha ready. Has been for a few weeks now, but I’ve been editing it while Shattered Illusions is out to my beta readers, which is starting to come back now (so I need to get on the ball with final edits for that one). I’ve gone through this with the last two books and not being ready to let them go to see if the story is any good to anyone else.

It’s still scary to let it out to someone else. It could be compounded by also having another book closing in on being published – summer will come quickly despite the record snow outside.

And that’s record snow for the area, not me. I grew up in New England – can’t scare me with this.

Eventually I’ll send it. Just a few more edits…

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Reopening Closed Doors


As 2016 rolls to a close, the thought of attempting a New Year’s Resolution or two does cross my mind. Except I’m absolutely horrible at keeping them. To the point if I don’t want something to get done, I might as well make it a resolution.

Not to mention with everything that has happened in the past year, I’ve had a lot to reflect on, which might be as much of a waste of my time as making a resolution. I try not to get too personal here since even the people closest to me have a hard time knowing what goes through my head. I tend to keep a lot to myself.

One thing I’ve been working on coming to terms with is the sheer number of doors which were closed on me over the course of my life so far. The ones especially closed by someone who continued to tell me that they would never close doors on me like their mother did to them. Why didn’t I fight it or shoulder my way through? I can’t give any kind of solid answer to that. Trust? Accepting this is how life was? The belief that I would never get anywhere going through that door? I’m not sure, but does it matter at this point?

While some doors are permanently locked, others are not and it’s time I started opening some now that those shackles are removed (this is a topic for another time). Sure, some will be dead ends, but I won’t know until I try.


So I’m going to try for 2 relatively simple doors: 1 of something I’ve wanted to learn and 1 of something I want to revisit. For me in the above picture, the violin will be my something new and I will be revisiting archery. What I need to remind myself is that neither of these need to be accomplished in the first few months of the year and I’m also not limited to just these 2 – I can open other doors at my leisure or as opportunities arise. I also need to remind myself that I won’t be perfect to start (pretty sure my attempts at playing will sound like a tortured cat, hence the electric violin…besides, research XD) and despite growing up shooting (competition), I have spent far too many years with barely touching my bow and I will need to relearn skills which were once second nature.


I didn’t know I needed this quote until I saw it and it fits one of the many reasons why I hesitate to try something new.

Anyone current with compounds is probably looking at my Oasis like it’s an ancient piece of technology, but it works. Yes, I prefer to shoot pins and fingers – don’t give me a release, I hated it when I tried. I’ll upgrade my sights and sight window eventually.

I guess these could be considered resolutions of some sort, but I’d rather not attach that tag since there is no concrete goal here. With any luck, I’ll be able to start moving past the regrets and fully engage in the current.

I’ve been rather quiet

First, for those who follow me, I want to apologize for my long periods of silence. Things have been going on in my life that have kept me quiet. I won’t go into most of them, but especially for the past few weeks it seems to be one thing after another. Much of which makes me want to scream in frustration.

So in my silence I’ve been working my way through editing book 3. What’s up with Shattered Illusions? It’s still out to my beta readers until the end of the month and right now book 3 amuses me. We’ll see if it entertains¬†my alpha reader when I release it to him.

I’ve also been playing FFXIV and have become almost obsessed with getting all the relics maxed out. I already had all of the 2.0 ones at least to Zenith (now Atma) when I started picking it up again – 2 were Zetas already turned in for 3.0 relics (I’m only at 3 Zetas now, but I’ve been lazy on those). I also had 4 or 5 of the 3.0 relics started and am up to 6 (I’m using the 2.0 Zeta relics to buy the stuff for the 3.0 relics because crystal farming is mind numbing and retainer space is limited). My main is now fully upgraded and I’ve got 3 more at i230.

And now that I’ve lost most of you…

I’ve been doing some sales lately on my book for the holidays. The ebook¬†is again on sale at $0.99 now on Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, and Smashwords. I have the print version available through my online store for 20% off with the coupon code HOLIDAYS.

Other than that, just trudging along.